zondag 11 oktober 2009

My Spruce from Swiss,..

This Spruce I bought from Serge Clemens after his Demo at Noelanders in 2004.
In that time it was very hard for me to get such a yamadori so when I heard it was for sale I bought it ride away. The first view years in my garden I left it alone. I transplanted the Spruce in it's first bonsai pot 2007 . I was not so sure that the tree would survived because it had only a view roots and Picea don't like to be transplanted and work on the roots so much. But it survived and now in 2009 I wired the tree myself for the first time... in the near future the tree's angle in the pot would a little different. But so far so good , I hope you like it,...

Serge Clemens demo 2004

One of my Favorit Tree's

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