zondag 11 oktober 2009

My Spruce from Swiss,..

This Spruce I bought from Serge Clemens after his Demo at Noelanders in 2004.
In that time it was very hard for me to get such a yamadori so when I heard it was for sale I bought it ride away. The first view years in my garden I left it alone. I transplanted the Spruce in it's first bonsai pot 2007 . I was not so sure that the tree would survived because it had only a view roots and Picea don't like to be transplanted and work on the roots so much. But it survived and now in 2009 I wired the tree myself for the first time... in the near future the tree's angle in the pot would a little different. But so far so good , I hope you like it,...

Serge Clemens demo 2004

One of my Favorit Tree's

zaterdag 13 juni 2009

My first Swedish Yamadori Sylvestris

Hello Guys and Dolls,

Last two days I work on my first Swedish Sylvestris yamadori.

The tree was collected by my good friend Carlos van der Vaart in 2005, and now 4 years later the tree is Healty enough to work on.
The tree is already in 50/50 Akadama/ Kiryu and already made a lot of backbudding, because I did a lot of hard prunning last year.

So yesterday I workt on the dead brance to create a big jin only with a splitter.

The big Jin.

After making the jin it was time for some hart bending .

I justed a special bending tool to make the work a lot eassier.

After I had bend the mayor brances I started wiring the hole Tree.

Finishing Touch,.....

Finished for so far,... a lot of feeding ,sun, wind and water is needed to let this Tree to Grow so that it can be a Bonsai somewhere in the future.

Hope you like it. Greatings Richard

zaterdag 9 mei 2009

Update Chuhin Sylvestris Today

And she is growing so well,.... I'm very happy with this little Pine,..............................................

My little baby Sylvestris

This little sylvetris is already growing for 5 years in my garden en it al started from seed,..

2 Years ago I removed the top, to create first stap to a nice little own grown Shohin Sylvestris.

Now may 2009 it's time to repot here in it's first trainings pot.
So as you can see on the right picture.
It already have a nice roothball.
It's transplanted in 50/50 akadama/Kiryu

This is fun to do and to see it grow year by year. And very different then working on old Yamadori.


zaterdag 21 maart 2009

Coming up next Swiss Picea Abies

Wiring my chuhin sylvestris

It took a wile, winter is over for so far,..spring is on it's way,..

After my last blog update I left my trees alone,.. We had a very good winter with weeks of frost..So better not touch the trees...
The sun starts Shining so time to wire my little Sylvestris, so that I can show to master Invernizzi next Week .

Hope you like it,... only have to find a nice half cascade pot for it,...

zaterdag 3 januari 2009

Happy Newyear!!

Yesterday I was going for a walk in the nearby little forest....And look what a weird looking Pinus Sylvestris I encountered.....I think when you sit down on it , She shoots you through the air,....or it is just a lazy tree...